Do Dac Thiem, Ho Van Khuong

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Spectrum sharing environment creates cross-interference between licensed network and unlicensed
network. Most existing works consider unlicensed interference (i.e., interference from unlicensed network
to licensed network) while ignoring licensed interference (i.e., interference from licensed network
to unlicensed network). Moreover, existing channel estimation algorithms cannot exactly estimate channel
information. In this paper, impacts of licensed interference and inaccurate channel information on
information security in the spectrum sharing environment is analyzed under peak transmit power bound,
peak interference power bound, and Rayleigh fading. Toward this end, a secrecy outage probability
formula is proposed in an exact form and validated by simulations. Various results illustrate that secrecy
outage probability is constant in a range of large peak interference powers or large peak transmit powers,
and is severely affected by licensed interference and inaccurate channel information.